Sunday, December 25, 2005


Figures. December 25th, and I'm jacking around on the computer! Hope everyone had a great time.

This is a promo piece for The Colony Volume 2 entitled The Colony:Bloodthorne. It is now 100 years into the reign of Pacifico Cuspis, formerly known as Jason Thorne. The world as we know it has changed forever. One thing now stands between this manic madman and the death of mankind itself; his humanity. Can Orexis react in time to save Jason Thorne from himself, or will his rage consume him and all that is left of civilization?

Kinda funny. I have all these other projects I want to do, yet all I've done is flesh out The Colony. I have ideas for a mini series after volume 2 dealing with the origins of folklore monster myths, as the Colonists intermingle with human beings for their first encounters. Where did the Vampyre originate? What is a zombie? The Colony volume 3: Urban Legends explores this and more...


The COlony #2 is done, and being worded as we 'speak'. I am going to send it off to South Island Printing, because Comixpress is unreliable at best. They have good intentions, but horrible follow through and turn around time.

Anyhoo, the UFO just voted in new members, and we are getting ready to ramp up for the new year under the auspices of Jason DeGroot! Should be a blast! Check out the website

You'll be glad you did!



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